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Discover the benefits of the Autopilot TAE050 

Automation of activities not only optimises processes but also increases productivity and cost-efficiency. The Autopilot TAE050 is a low-investment solution that can be installed easily and be up and running in no time. It will optimise the site’s internal flow, reduce labour and damage cost, all in an accurate and safe way. Operations are simplified and optimised especially in manufacturing sites, e-commerce businesses or healthcare facilities.  

Automated guided cart for light-duty item handling 


The Autopilot TAE050 is simple and compact, ideal for handling light items. The TAE050’s load carrier with telescopic arm can tow up to 500 kg and therefore replace the necessity for employees to do repetitive work. In more confined spaces, the compact tow version is ideal for handling lighter loads. Or for small items like in picking operations, the bolt-on racks can be an ideal solution. This fork-free solution works with a very high degree of accuracy and stops when detecting an obstacle or person close by to avoid accidents and damage.

  • Load capacity up to 0.5 tonne
  • Magnetic tape guidance
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • XFC-battery
  • Safety scanner
Model Max towing capacity (kg) Max. battery cap. (Ah) Max. travel speed (km/h)
TAE050 500 64 3