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Our commitment is your peace of mind

Exceptional efficiency in Material Handling operations– this is the ultimate goal of the Toyota Service Concept (TSC) and our Service Contracts. They are designed to reduce operational risks and provide you with a trouble-free materials handling operation. This allows you to concentrate on your core business rather than worry about unexpected breakdowns, scheduling maintenance, ordering parts or managing service engineers.

The Toyota Service Concept

The Toyota Service Concept (TSC) describes how we operate and continuously develop our process of planning, managing and delivering service that gives customers reliability, confidence and peace of mind. This consolidates the durable partnerships we have developed over time. It enables us to be responsive at all times, make the critical information immediately available and secure efficient service.

Service contracts

Simply choose the Service Contract you require and let us do the rest.

Forklift safety inspection by Toyota Material Handling Europe

  • Safety inspection

    Designed to keep your forklift trucks operating safely and provide protection for your workforce. This contract ensures that your trucks always comply with the safety standards set by national laws and regulating bodies.

  • Preventive maintenance

    We take care of all your truck maintenance requirements

    This contract is an effective way to prevent unplanned downtime and costly repairs. We take responsibility for maintaining your trucks according to a pre-determined plan as well as ensuring that they meet all safety requirements.

  • Full service

    This contract is designed to take care of all your truck maintenance and repair requirements in order to provide you with the highest levels of operational performance and uptime.

  • Additional options

    We also offer the following options in order to customize your contract to your exact needs: 24/7 service, On-site service technician, Entire maintenance and Combined support package with Toyota I_Site

Genuine Toyota and BT parts

Use genuine Toyota and BT forklift parts with all of our Service Contracts

In order to maintain the built-in quality of your forklift truck, it makes sense to repair them using exactly the same high-quality parts. Which is why we only use genuine Toyota and BT forklift parts with all of our Service Contracts.

Not only will they preserve the value of your investment over time, they also provide the best fit, and as a result deliver the quickest and most reliable repairs, while minimising downtime and maintaining the safe operation of your trucks.

This highly skilled operation ensures delivery anywhere in Europe within 24 hours.

Driver training

We offer a complete range of forklift truck training courses

A skilled and motivated driver not only offers increased productivity, but will also operate more safely – reducing the risk of damage to stock and equipment – or worse still, injuries to people.

We offer a complete range of training courses outlining the basics of daily safety checks and maintenance routines, as well as covering safe driving practices and operating techniques.



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