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Forklift fleet management


More than fleet management

I_Site is the intelligent forklift fleet management solution that helps you improve in four major areas: cost, productivity, health and safety, and environment. I_Site instantly connects you to essential forklift fleet data keeping you in full control of your material handling business every day!

  • Reduction of cost  
  • Optimisation of
          fleet size and
          quantity of drivers  
  • Improvement of
         machine utilisation 
  • Improvment of
         driver utilisation     
  • Driver access
  • Driver licences 
  • Shock lockout 
  • Impact reduction 
  • Pre-operational 
  • Live notifications 
         (Shocks and failed
         pre-op check)  
  • Optimisation of
          machine usage & 
  • Optimisation of 
          battery usage & 
  • Reduction of idling
         time on diesel/gas
  • Driving your business to the next level

    I_Site gives you access to your fleet situation from anywhere via an easily accessible web portal. Thanks to I_Site, you can authorise trained drivers on specific machines and monitor truck deficiencies, goods damage, battery status.

    This tool provides information that enables you to make factual analysis and develop efficient plans of action. Furthermore, the I_Site forklift fleet management system comes with full support from TMH – a powerful way to run a healthy and prosperous businesses.

                                                                                                                                          Toyota I_Site video

    Highlights: Mobile app, Smart Access, Pre-Op Check and My Fleet

    I_Site benefits from new features to further increase safety, maintain optimal remote fleet control and cost of operation.

    Mobil App: For instant access to truck history and activity while you are on the move
    Smart Access: An advanced means of driver and personnel safety check
    Pre-Op Check: Ensures that the truck is reliable and safe to use
    My Fleet: To understand vehicle status, driver performance and overall productivity in materials handling operation.

    Being in perfect control of your material handling operations has never been easier, faster and more cost-efficient.


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